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Lines lines lines…

Very busy sky, not really that pretty, too many lines. I looked quite stupid with my A7, the EVF was overexposing the sky, yet it was not too bright (definitely not looking white in the view finder), and the lines were invisible. I was looking in the viewfinder, saying to myself “where are those lines ??” then looking at the sky, then at the EVF again… Took me a few seconds to understand that I was overexposing pretty badly. Thank you histogram ! You are much needed.

And it feels good to shoot manual. It feels less assisted and electronic. I used to rely too much on my camera for everything : focusing, ISO, exposure… Now that I’m seeing the real exposure in the view finder, I’m trying to avoid over exposing like I did so much. And to be in full control allows me to make sure I’m keeping the ISO as low as possible. The dynamic range is impressive at lower ISO, better make good use of it. As a consequence, I’m taking many less photos. Instead of shooting and shooting and shooting with a few different settings, I’m trying to get it right the first time.

Full resolution version on Flickr

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