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A drone view from above Puy Bataillouse, in Cantal, France. You can see Puy Griou on the left side, Puy Mary a bit on the right of the center, and the Peyre Arse on the far right side. Col de Cabre is right under this last peak. Clearly one of my favorite view of those moutains, you can barely see any human construction from this pass.It was really a beautiful day for a “run & shoot” in my moutains. The wind was a bit strong, it was not that easy to land the bee after shooting. And it’s hard to expose properly, the sky isn’t as good as it should be. But I can get something decent out of the DNGs now, it’s really great from such a small and lightweight device. It can slide it in my running back, shoot under this wind, and get photos I could never think about without this great little toy. I just need to try to frame better, which is clearly difficult under a full sun on my phone screen. Compromises are needed ! 🙂

Stitched from 3 shots with Hugin.

Full resolution version on Flickr

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