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Trying to use my legs to reach nice spots. Not yet very experienced about landscape photography, so it’s a lot of hit & miss. But it’s surprisingly comfortable to run with the A6000 in the bag. And a bit frustrating to see how hard it is to edit a photo for all the screens that people use. Smartphone tends to have a high contrast, with (too) deep blacks. Good computer screens are more balanced. Hard to please everybody ! Photos exist through the eyes of those looking at them, so it’s not necessarily the best to make them perfect for a calibrated screen, or for a print that will never happen !

And very difficult photo to balance, it’s hard to keep the hikers without making the mountain brighter than I would like. But they are well separated, and the sun is not too bright. It’s great to have an electronic viewfinder for this kind of photo with the sun in the middle of the frame. Surely not the shot of the year, but a good memory and another little step.

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